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The opening of Frome Business Park is getting closer and closer.

We are thrilled to report that progress is being made at an amazing pace by Interaction - and this month they have been working on finishing all the structural works.

The Tool & Gauge Cafe is starting to take shape, an amazing space which will offer coffee, breakfast and lunch to all the locals.

The air conditioning and heating systems are being completed and they look great. This works really well with the industrial feel of the building and will be complimented by soft furnishings.

The roof is almost complete with over 600 windows, and we are excited to say that the external wooden cladding and internal plaster boarding is well underway.

We've also put our first coat on the outside of the building to freshen up the original brickwork.

The mezzanine level is starting to be put up and it is a pretty amazing space, still with some office area to fill.

And overall we have a pretty excited team of people who are all working towards an amazing place to work.

If you are interested in renting a space, please get in touch at the bottom of the page.

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