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Now at the end of March, Frome Business Park is days away from our first tenant moving in. And there is still much to be done.

It has been a very busy and active month, which has seen the space come to life.

In March the focus was to finish up any structural works, plus start to build and install joinery and facades including decorating the entire space.

A crew of around 70 people have been working tirelessly to make this happen as we grow closer to the launch date.

Frome Business Park has been developed to make people feel like they are working in a space that cares about people, which is why we've paid attention to the detail. We are loving all the finishes come together including a brick wall facade, wallpaper for each room, and bespoke flooring in every section.

We are absolutely loving the spacious shared kitchen with all its facilities, the living wall and the moss feature panels around the building. It has started to transform the space into an awesome pace to work.

You might remember some of the earlier external shots of the building - well this has fast been replaced with a cedar facade and metal detailing. The extensive windows for the T&G Kitchen let a lot of light in and make the space feel even bigger.

And the Tool & Gauge Kitchen is coming along in leaps and bounds. The Kitchen is set to open on April 15th, so we have a few more weeks to bring this area to life.

The tenants can't wait to move into the space, and we still have a few offices up for grabs, so please get in touch if you are interested in working in an amazing space.

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