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Hello 2019! On the 8th of Jan marked a full year of Frome Business Park owning the Tool & Gauge building. And we are now on the home stretch of completing the space.

Interaction are working hard to finish off the site, and a huge amount of progress has been made.

We've completed the first phase of plaster spraying on certain walls whilst putting in more plaster boards to start dividing the space.

All the perimeter windows are going up and the roof is now sealed and waterproofed, meaning some of the scaffolding is starting to come off.

Some people might think we're putting in a swimming pool out back, but as this isn't sunny Australia, that is actually space for a massive water tank and draining area.

Electrical works are continuing throughout the site and the mezzanine level is starting to be put in.

We've also tightened up our security team who are on site to keep things moving along smoothly.

Overall - everyone is enjoying bringing the space together and seeing the transformation take effect.

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