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Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Bringing you our monthly update on the Frome Business Park developments

Who is excited about raised access flooring? We are!

The site is coming along beautifully and as a result we have had pretty much the entire floor space kitted with these shiny panels. A total of 5,000 tiles.

They allow us to get quick access to all the under floor cables in the future.

But don't worry - we're looking forward to finishing this with an awesome concrete effect and wood effect floor.

The scaffolding across the whole expanse of the building is also complete, which is letting us start to put in windows and all of the cooling and heating systems.

You can also see how we've started to put the walls and framework up which is the start to us insulating the building.

The team at Interaction have also put in place the trenches for plumbing, as shown below.

We're on track for opening the building in April this year, and very much looking forward to seeing the next stages.

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