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September has been a big month so far for Frome Business Park. We are super excited to share that Interaction have started works, and have been doing an incredible job to get the project started. After a good few weeks of demolition, we have now started to lay the flooring of the building, retaining the existing features where possible 

The 23,000 square feet is now a shell ready for some beautiful design work and detailing, which marks the start of transforming this piece of heritage into a working communal space for the community.

As of August 15th, we have planning permission to take the building forward, which is a huge milestone in the project, with big thanks to all who are supporting the development.

The above picture captures what will become our cafe - serving breakfast, lunch and snacks that are nutritious and delicious.

There are still spaces to be filled, so please reach out to us if you are a business interested in becoming part of this space.

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